Message from Pastor Leroy

What time is it? John 9:1-3 What is it, time? Ephesians 5:15 Is God really at work around you? Whose time is it now, anyway? ” Why, On Earth, am I here?” Did I choose to be here, now? Of course, we know the answers to these questions, but why do we not pay attention to them? s-“I”-n is the problem. We do not want to change. Romans 3:23. So, why are we here? John 9:3. Today we are going to go through events. Every one of them is filled with the Glory of God. So, few people record them. Last week, we spent our time with our grandchildren (family), but as we went, we stopped for lunch at a Cracker Barrel. Lunch wait was 30 minutes. I opened my planner to note the paths of our day, standing in an aisle of the store. I was writing, when a gentleman came up to me, and asked, “Is that a Franklin Planner?” He also had his, and I noticed something rarely he carried it with him, too. I asked him how long he had been using his, and he noted since 2008. He shared that he did not know how to use his, even though he had taken the course of using it, at that time. This meant that he had not learned to discipline the use of the Monthly Index, and Planning and Solitude time. I showed him my Monthly Index, and how I used it to find Prayers and Gratitude in seconds, over the last few months that glorified God’s activity in our world (again, John 9:1-3). This is the only tool I have seen in my world, where Hebrews 4:12 is living and active and where we can see our thoughts and attitudes of our hearts. How many Christians today, regularly have spiritual retreats? How many Christians today, keep periodically, Spiritual Inventories? Another event was a conversation with another pastor this past week. By the end of the conversation, he asked me to pray for a new convert who made his profession of faith in Jesus. He asked me how to grow this person from his excitement now, into a spiritual disciple. He heard that I knew how to do that. I was shocked that he did not know that already! So how do we get “normal” Christians to know that? We pastors are just like the unbelievers even. How about you? Where are your spiritual inventories? Where is your prayer journal? Where is your Gratitude Journal? Selah

Published by Jonesboro Baptist Church - Blackstone, Virginia

We are a small-sized congregation who has a passion for Christ and God's word. We are centrally focused on serving the will of God through ministries that worship, nurture, teach, and witness.

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