Message from Pastor Leroy

Do we ever have an inner compulsion to see Jesus? Despite a man’s tough exterior and hard-nosed reputation; God still pursued him. He was a businessman notorious for his unethical and ruthless practices. Jesus was on His way to the cross (He knew His timing). As He passed through Jericho a crowd quickly formed down the main street just to catch a glimpse of Him. Many of them shouted at Him to draw His attention. Suddenly, Jesus spied the infamous tax collector in a tree. Jesus knew His Father was at work around Him. He noticed that God was at work in that man’s life. He called out, “Zacchaeus! make haste and come down for today I must stay at your house.” Scripture does not tell us how, but Jesus recognized that His Father was drawing Zacchaeus to Him. This was God’s invitation to Zacchaeus, and Jesus joined Him. Luke 19:1-10 displays how God is always at work among people all around us, like those found at the workplace of today. There is a restlessness in many of their hearts as they realize reaching the top of their businesses, being recognized as the pinnacle of their professions, or surpassing their financial goals does not bring the peace and contentment that they were seeking. Within the last couple of weeks, I came across a book entitled “A Seeker’s Story,” by David Allen. He is very well-known as the writer of “Getting Things Done.” It is a story of a modern-day Zacchaeus. So many today need to watch and see Zacchaeus in the workplace! We need to be attentive to things going on around us, to see where God is working around us (during lunch, riding to work and back again, “Going down Main Street”). I remember years ago while Billy Graham was teaching in a Crusade; Billy would ask people to pray for his son to come to know the Lord. I felt compelled to pray then and continued that prayer for many years. Guess What? God IS working through Franklin Graham, in His unique way, in Samaritan’s Purse. Matthew 6:33 Jesus expects every disciple to make Christ their number one priority in what He is doing today and to trust God to provide for all their needs. It is so hard for us to see God at work in North America in our society today. Why? We do not see churches being interconnected across all denominations. So many church leaders have very little contact with people of other churches or denominations. Businesspeople can work through so many networks of complex connections and they can be extremely creative in overcoming communication barriers. They know how important it is to communicate and advertise. They have access to many people and places that churches do not. They can enter countries totally opposed to Christianity and missionaries. We are still “on Main Street.” Where did Jesus preach and teach? “On Main Street.” Today is “Good Friday,” the day of “Passion.” Are we, today, crucifying Him again? Are we alert to what God intends to do through our lives each day as we go to work? Selah!

Published by Jonesboro Baptist Church - Blackstone, Virginia

We are a small-sized congregation who has a passion for Christ and God's word. We are centrally focused on serving the will of God through ministries that worship, nurture, teach, and witness.

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